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MIRKWOOD AUDIO does sound recording for all kinds of music projects, plus voice for audio books and session drum work as needed. We charge $50 per hour ($45 per hour for full 8+ hour day, which drops to $40 per hour for two-day or longer projects). We have guest quarters for out-of-town musicians (free with full recording days). Mixing and mastering fees negotiable. Engineeering technical support is included in all prices. 

About us


Mirkwood Audio is a recording studio based in Corvallis, Oregon, specializing in multi-tracking and mixing for all types of music and voice work. As studio manager and engineer, Weston Hornig has an AAS degree in audio engineering and has been working with audio projects for about eight years. Wes is a musician and drummer with 20+ years of experience who can provide session work and drum mentoring as needed. 

Studio Manager/Engineer
Weston Hornig
Owner/Business Manager
Susanna Priest


Audio samples


2018-2019 Mirkwood Audio projects

              - NEW August 2019 -

REEL 1 credits

0:00 Paul & Wes 

0:17 Sarah Jane Dryden

0:38 Allison and Suzanne

0:54 Allison Hoyt

1:21 Jax & Wes

1:45 Church Ladies

2:29 Hunter Brewster

REEL 2 credits [continuation]

0:00 Nick Gronewold #1

0:40 Nick Gronewold #2

1:08 Wes, Dev, Nick

1:34 Tommy & the Scorpios 

2:09 Patrick

2:48 John Kershner

2017-2018 Mirkwood Audio projects

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

Audio sample credits -

0:00   BlowFrogz - Undertow


0:48   Nick & Luiggi - "jazz song"


1:09   Serkan & Wes project

              (drums recorded)

1:34   Tommy Diaz - Bach cello sonata

              (recorded & mixed)

2:09   Mick and Wes jam


2:33  Tunneling Wounds - Noise Mix

            (vocals recorded, mastered)

2:43  Joe Martines, - Thank This Old Guitar

         (recorded, mixed & mastered)

3:17  Drew, Nick, Luiggi, Wes' fusion improv

            (recorded & mixed)

4:39  Patrice Tullai - "Sandra says"

         (recorded, mixed & mastered)

drew and friends vertical.jpg
Facilities & Equipment









Mirkwood Audio is located on over an acre in a serene and beautiful area just outside of Northwest Corvallis, Oregon. It is an ideal semi-rural location in which to recharge and focus on your audio project. The studio itself is 750 square feet in size, including a control room and four soundproof booths surrounding an acoustically designed live room. 




The other rooms of the house, including two bedrooms reserved for guests, surround the studio area; these enable us to offer overnight accommodations to up to about five visitors (by prior arrangement). The cost is normally included in a package with our full-day or weekend rates. A full kitchen is available, and a pool table and game room provide opportunities for relaxation during down time. 



Corvallis (as the home of Oregon State University) boasts a full range of local motel and hotel accommodations as well. Good restaurants are available within a few minutes drive of our location.

Equipment (partial list - we are always updating!):


   -Protools HD

   -D-Command console

   -JBL and Genelec monitoring speakers


   -Avalon (one-channel) VT-737 SP vacuum tube pre amp with built in compression and EQ

   -Manley 16x2 (16 input channels and stereo output) M162 analog tube pre amp.

Current Microphones

   -Neumann U87 (1), Neumann KM184 (2)

   -Earthworks DK25/R (3)

   -MXL 770 (1)

   -Audiotechnica P48 (1)

   -Sennheiser 441 (2), Sennheiser e835 (1)

   -Shure Beta 52 (1), Shure SM57 (2), Shure Beta 57a (1), Shure PG48 (1)

   -CAD Pro-7 (7-piece drum mic kit)


We also have a selection of instruments on hand, including a TAMA Starclassic drum kit, cymbals, assorted other drums and percussion, a Yamaha P-105 digital piano, Fender electric and acoustic backup guitars and a mandolin. NEW: We have recently added an acoustic upright grand piano, an early 20th-century instrument from Hardman Peck & Co (Restored) 

Contact us


We are conveniently located in a rural neighborhood just barely outside the city limits of Northwest Corvallis, Oregon - easy driving distance from Eugene and Salem, only a little over an hour from Portland, and about four hours from Seattle.

Beyond our professional studio set-up and on-site engineer, we offer a great opportunity for a relaxing and regenerating experience, a place where you can truly focus on your music - whether for an afternoon, a weekend or a week. Our package rates facilitate this by providing free overnight lodging in conjunction wih full-day sessions.

PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL/TEXT for appointments/bookings, additional rates, discounts, location details, and directions:

Wes's phone: 979 820 0644

Susanna's phone: 979 220 4057

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